Emotional Melodies

a fighting game fantasy created by ej that will unforunately never become a real game

Character Summaries: Eden, the Brawler from the Streets

Eden is the typical Shoto-Fighter of the game. A shoto fighter is almost always the protagonist of the game, normally strong rush down characters and beginner friendly but are usually the top tier characters of a fighting game (i.e. Ryu from Street Fighter, Filia from Skullgirls, etc.).

Eden differentiates himself from other shoto fighters in that he has a plethora of dash specials that allow him to jump all over the place. His specials mainly deal Physical Damage, allowing him to stack up his armor stat. Unfortunately, this leaves him vulnerable to Magic Dealing characters such as Haze (talk about irony), as he does not have many reliable specials that stack up his Nullify. Another weakness Eden possesses is a lack of reliable anti-air moves, as his short-ranged c.HP is his only anti-air.

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