Emotional Melodies

a fighting game fantasy created by ej that will unforunately never become a real game

Character Summaries: Caden, the Siren Prince

Caden is a powerful Mage, utilizing his unique mechanic with strategically placing Music Notes that he can activate to do certain actions, allowing him to control the field if played properly. His Music Note mechanic also increases the damage of his ultra moves. Despite being a zoning character, Caden can also function in melee fights in the case he is being jumped on by an enemy.

Unfortunately, Caden suffers from low Armor, as all of his specials deal Magic Damage and his Physical Damage from his basic attacks do not return as much Armor as other fighters, leaving him vulnerable to Fighter classes. On the other hand, Caden is an amazing Mage counter, as he can stack his Nullify at a safe distance with his specials.

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Game Mechanics & Class Listings

The mechanics of Emotional Melodies are similar to most anime fighters (e.g Persona 4 Arena, Skullgirls) in that they are very combo heavy, immediately favoring most rushdown characters such as Eden, while others such as Haze are left in the dust due to their insane zoning power but subpar combo power. To remedy this, the game runs a 3 vs 3 game style similar to Marvel vs Capcom and adds mechanics to differentiate itself from other fighters: Armor and Nullify stats.

As with MvC and SG, the game runs a 3 vs 3 system where you have one character on the screen with two back ups that can act as assists and the rounds are only over when all 3 of a team’s characters have been defeated. However, in a system that favors rushdown characters, how can you expect all characters to be viable in one game?

The usage of defensive stats, Armor and Nullify (I would write Armor and MR but this isn’t League ;; ), punishes those who rely on only one type of character and theoretically creates a whole slew of team combinations.

The Armor stat is raised by using most basic attacks and a variety of specials and is used to lower physical damage, which then counters physical damage-heavy characters.

In contrast, the Nullify stat is raised by using a variety of specials and some basic attacks or stances that modify basic attacks (e.g EJ’s Fan Stance) and is used to lower magic damage, countering zone heavy, magic damage dealing characters.

To balance out the stats, stacking Armor inversely reduces Nullify and vice versa. As such, most Hybrid characters such as EJ or Dylan suffer from being defensively weak but output a heavy amount of damage.

All characters also belong to one of three classes and can belong in another class as a Secondary class.


Fighters: Characters who focus on outputting heavy amounts of physical damage and stack large amounts of Armor while having a low Nullify stat. Most Fighters are combo heavy, but are normally weak against zoning characters due to having a low range (except Kira, who has strong physical projectiles). To remedy their weakness, some have gap closers or quick forward/backward dashes. Those listed as secondary fighters are combo heavy, but may not deal as much physical damage as normal fighters. The following characters are listed primarily as fighters:

  • Eden
  • Kasen (Secondary: Hybrid)
  • Michael
  • Malevolence
  • David (Secondary: Mage)
  • Iggy
  • Inigo
  • Kat
  • Kira (Secondary: Mage)
  • Annie (Secondary: Hybrid)
  • Steven
  • Jarod
  • Monica
============================ ============================

Mages: Characters well known for their strong projectiles and heavy zoning are dubbed as Mages and deal heavy amounts of magic damage, having specials that deal more power than specials of other classes. While their melee combos are not as strong as their Fighter counterparts, it is completely possible for them to lock someone in a combo from afar. Their long range provides them safety from the rushdown heavy Fighters, but once they’re in melee range of a Fighter it’s easy to take down a Mage due to their low Armor stat. Mages can be put on teams to cover the Nullify weakness of Fighters and provide excellent assist moves, making them wonderful anchor characters. Those listed as secondary Mages tend to provide heavy amounts of pressure and zoning from their projectiles, but may not deal as much magic damage as others. The following characters are listed primarily as Mages:

  • Haze
  • Jannah
  • Soap
  • Henry
  • Casper
  • Mati (Secondary: Hybrid)
  • Savannah
  • Randolph (Secondary: Fighter)
  • Ayra
============================ ============================

Hybrids: Characters who focus on dealing both Physical and Magic damage and have a stance mechanic are Hybrids. They are the toughest characters to stack defenses against due to their high mixed damage. However, in contrast, the majority of Hybrids (with Elly as an exception due to being a supertank) are incredibly vulnerable to all types of damage due to their mixed defense stacking, as one is normally lowered more in different stances. They are normally the toughest characters to learn as due to the need of an understanding of when to stack a certain stat and how to defend against heavy pressure from other classes. Characters listed as secondary Hybrids normally deal True Damage (damage that ignores both Armor and Nullify) rather than possess a stance mechanic, making them a danger to defensively stack against as well. The following characters are listed primarily as Hybrids:

  • EJ (Secondary: Mage)
  • Dylan (Secondary: Fighter)
  • Elly (Secondary: Mage)
  • Tara (Secondary: Mage)
Character Summaries: Eden, the Brawler from the Streets

Eden is the typical Shoto-Fighter of the game. A shoto fighter is almost always the protagonist of the game, normally strong rush down characters and beginner friendly but are usually the top tier characters of a fighting game (i.e. Ryu from Street Fighter, Filia from Skullgirls, etc.).

Eden differentiates himself from other shoto fighters in that he has a plethora of dash specials that allow him to jump all over the place. His specials mainly deal Physical Damage, allowing him to stack up his armor stat. Unfortunately, this leaves him vulnerable to Magic Dealing characters such as Haze (talk about irony), as he does not have many reliable specials that stack up his Nullify. Another weakness Eden possesses is a lack of reliable anti-air moves, as his short-ranged c.HP is his only anti-air.

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